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Tài liệu hướng dẫn sửa chữa hộp số ZF - AS Tronic 10,12 và 16 cấp - Repair Manual ZF tronic 10,12 and 16 speed version without ZF Intarder


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Tài liệu hướng dẫn sửa chữa hộp số ZF - AS Tronic 10,12 và 16 cấp - Repair Manual ZF tronic 10,12 and 16 speed version without ZF Intarder

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This documentation is intended for skilled person
nel trained by ZF Friedrichshafen AG to carry out
maintenance and repair work on ZF products.
This manual deals with the standard ZF products
in accordance with the state of development on the
date of issue.
However, due to continuing technical development
of the product, repair work might require work
practices and test or adjustment data not contained
in this manual.
We recommend that work done on your ZF product
is carried out only by skilled mechanics who have
had their practical and theoretical knowledge up
dated on a regular basis at our Customer Service /
After Sales training center.
Service Centers equipped by ZF Friedrichshafen AG
all over the world offer you:
1. Continually trained personnel,
2. Specified equipment, e.g. special tools,
3. Genuine ZF spares, according to our latest
All work performed at these Service Centers is car
ried out conscientiously and with utmost care.
Repair work carried out at ZF Service Centers is
subject to the contractual conditions prevailing in
the individual case.
Damage resulting from work performed by non-ZF
personnel in an improper and unprofessional
manner and any consequential costs are excluded
from the contractual liability agreement. Exclusion
of liability also applies if genuine ZF spares are
not used.

Safety Instructions
In principal, companies repairing ZF units are
responsible for their own work safety.
To avoid injury to personnel and damage to
products, all safety regulations and legal requirements which apply to repair and maintenance
work must be adhered to.
Before starting work, mechanics must familiarize
themselves with these regulations.
Personnel required to carry out repairs on ZF
products must receive appropriate training in
advance. It is the responsibility of each company to
ensure that their repair staff is properly trained.
The following safety instructions appear in this
Refers to special working procedures, methods,
information, use of auxiliary equipment, etc.
This is used when incorrect, unprofessional working practices could damage the product.
This is used when lack of care could lead to personal
injury or death.
General Information
Read this manual carefully before starting any tests
or repair work.
Pictures, drawings, and components shown do not
always represent the original object, but are used to
illustrate working procedures.
Pictures, drawings, and components are not to scale.
Conclusions about size and weight should not be
drawn (even within a complete illustration).
Always follow the working steps as described in the
After completion of repair work and testing, skilled
staff must check whether the product is functioning
Lubricants, consumables, and cleaning agents must
not be allowed to enter the soil, ground water, or
sewage system.
• Ask your local environment agency for safety
information on the relevant products and adhere
to their requirements.
• Collect used oil in a suitably large container.
• Dispose of used oil, dirty filters, lubricants, and
cleaning agents in accordance with environmental
protection guidelines.
• When working with lubricants and cleaning agents
always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions.
The transmission must NOT be suspended by the
input shaft NOR by the output flange.
Important Information

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