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Forum Rules!


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Forum Rules!

Post by Admin on Sat Mar 18, 2017 11:09 am

Dear all members,

Please read the following rules:

- The only language spoken/written on this forum is English or Vietnamese.

- Respect each other. Flaming/Spamming/Rudeness will not be tolerated. will result in immediate ban

- DO NOT hijack threads with unrelated questions, start your own thread.

- DO NOT post Pornographic (image, text, video, links, passwords, etc...) will result in immediate & Permanent Ban

- DO NOT post illegal software.

- Please keep all posts related to the section you are posting within.

- Post Links on the Board using structure:

[color=#FF0000]Only registered and activated users can see links![/color]

- Only post link attachement by google drive.

- Religious and racist threads are not allowed.

- Posting Virus Keygens are not allowed!

- Always have a good collaboration with the Admin. If a member posted a link protected with password, he must share the password with Admin.

- Make sure to clean you’re inbox from old messages to allow receiving new messages before you reach the allowed quota.

- When post new topic, plese using function "Search" on forum.

Please be aware that not adhering to the above rules might result in Banning your Membership. BAN

Admin reserves the right to edit/modify/remove any post at any time with or without notice.

For any further assistance, please feel free to contact email:!
Thanks and regards.

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