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[75] Ford Ranger 2013 Manual


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[75] Ford Ranger 2013 Manual

Post by Admin on Sat Mar 18, 2017 11:20 am

1.1 About This Manual
1.1.1 New for this BEMM publication
The following sections of the manual have been
updated since the last publication of the BEMM
Refer to: 1.14 Towing (page 28).
1.1.2 Introduction
This manual has been written in a format that is
designed to meet the needs of Vehicle Converters.
The objective is to use common formats with the
workshop manual which is used by technicians
This guide is published by Ford and provides
general descriptions and advice for converting
vehicles. These requirements must be complied
with before a Ford Dealer should take delivery of
motor vehicle accessories from an external
supplier either for themselves or on behalf of a
motor vehicle client.
It must be emphasized that any change to the
basic vehicle which does not meet the enclosed
guideline standards may severely inhibit the ability
of the vehicle to perform its function. Mechanical
failures, structure failure, component unreliability
or vehicle instability will lead to customer
dissatisfaction. Appropriate design and
application of body, equipment and or accessories
is key to ensuring that customer satisfaction is
not adversely affected.
The information contained within this publication
takes the form of recommendations to be
followed when vehicle modifications are
undertaken. It must be remembered that certain
modifications may invalidate legal approvals and
application for re-certification may be necessary.
Ford cannot guarantee the operation of the
vehicle if non-Ford approved electrical systems
are installed. Ford electrical systems are designed
and tested to function under operational
extremes, and have been subjected to the
equivalent of ten years of driving under such
1.1.3 Important Safety Instructions
Appropriate conversion procedures are essential
for the safe, reliable operation of all vehicles as
well as the personal safety of the individual
carrying out the work.
This manual cannot possibly anticipate all such
variations and provide advice or cautions as to
each. Anyone who departs from the instructions
provided in this manual must first establish that
he compromises neither his personal safety nor
the vehicle integrity by his choice of methods,
tools or components.

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